Waka Waka Update v3.17 Now Available! 🔔

Waka Waka update v3.17 is finally ready for you to download right now.

Here are the +50 different parameters ,which were all requested by clients and I added to the EA, and give the possibility to deeply customize how you want the EA to behave on your account/s.


What's new on Waka Waka v3.17:

- 'Allow sending SL & TP along with an order (for a non-ECN acc.)': if true, then the EA will send SL & TP along with orders. If false, then SL & TP will be set after the order is sent and executed.

- 'Randomize TP/SL Levels': if enabled, Waka Waka will randomly slightly change the TP/SL levels. This option allows you to have a unique TP/SL.

- 'Max Random Delay before sending Orders, sec [0-disabled]': maximum random delay in seconds before sending an order. Values over 15 seconds are not recommended.

- 'Trade on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday': enable/disable trading on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.

- 'Check Margin for all Grid Levels': if true, the EA will check if there is enough free margin to open all grid levels at the same time. If not enough, the initial lot size will be reduced.

- 'Check Bars for Errors': if true, the EA will check the relevance of historical data and bar opening time. Turn it off if your broker uses non-standard bar opening time (for example hh:02, hh:17, hh:32, hh:47).

- 'Show Stats': show a panel with statistics.

- 'Font Size (1...8)': reduce this value if you're having trouble with the info panel.

- 'Disable Automatic GMT Detection': set it to 'true' to disable automatic GMT detection. You can use the GMT Test/Manual' and 'DST Test/Manual' parameters to manually set the GMT offset in live trading.

- 'GMT(DST) Test/Manual': GMT offset in winter and DST in Tester.

- 'News Filter Enabled': on/off News Filter

- 'Wait Minutes Before/After Event': suspend trading before/after the news.

- 'Disable Trading on Holidays': enable/disable trading on bank holidays according to the real-time Economic Calendar (https://www.investing.com). This filter is currency-specific. For example, with it, EA won't take trades on USD pairs during bank holidays in the USA. It also works in Strategy Tester.

- 'Medium Impact News': enable/disable news events with medium impact (2 stars news).

- 'Low Impact News': enable/disable news events with low impact (1 star news).

- 'Speaks': if false, then the EA will not take into account news events marked as Speeches/Speaks.

- 'News List Refresh Rate': news events list update frequency (selection from the drop-down list)

- 'Show News List': displays a list of upcoming news events to the right of the info panel.

- 'Disable Built-in News Filter Settings' - disables the built-in news filter settings, allowing you to fine-tune the news filter.

- 'Custom Events (separated by a comma, disabled if empty)': custom rules allowing you to fine-tune the news filter.

Format: Key[-Currency pair],Key[-Currency pair],.........,Key[-Currency pair]

Key – the currency of the news event or keyword in the news header. You can use multiple currencies without a separator, for example, USDAUDGBP.
If you specify a keyword, the letter case does not matter. For example, FOMC.

[-Currency pair] - optional parameter specifying which currency pair the rule applies to. For example -EURUSD.


USD, - takes into account all news events for USD on all currency pairs
AUDGBP-GBPUSD-NZDUSD, - takes into account all news events for AUD and GBP on GBPUSD and NZDUSD currency pairs
CHFEUR-EURUSD, - takes into account all news events for CHF and EUR on the EURUSD currency pair
FOMC, - takes into account news events with the word (or part of the word) FOMC in the header on all currency pairs
Rate-AUDCAD - takes into account news events with the word (or part of the word) Rate in the header on AUDCAD currency pair

Each rule must be separated by a comma. if 'Disable Built-in News Filter Settings'=false, then the custom rules are in addition to the built-in ones. The built-in settings are as follows:

- 'Stock Market Crash Filter Enabled': enable/disable the stock market crash filter.

- 'Stock Market Symbol': symbol name of the S&P500 stock index of your broker. It is usually called something like US500 or SPX500 (press Ctrl+U to see all symbols).

- 'Filter Period' - period of the stock market crash filter.

- 'Max Historical Volatility (HV)': max. annualized standard deviation of H1 returns (HV in %).

- 'Block Trading for the Entire Day': prohibits opening new trades throughout the day if HV hits the specified level just once at any moment during the day.

- 'Check for Instances of the EA': checks that only one instance of the EA is running at a time. If EA detects other instances with the same UID, trading will be disabled.

- 'Symbol Suffix': here you can specify a symbol suffix if your broker uses one.

- 'Max Open Lots (Filter)': the EA will not send new initial orders if the volume of all positions opened by the EA exceeds the specified value.

- 'Max Daily Drawdown Limit % FTMO Rules' - maximum daily drawdown limit, calculated according to the FTMO rules. Non-trading operations (like withdrawals) during the day are not taken into account.

- 'Max Daily Drawdown Limit in Money FTMO Rules [0-disabled]': maximum daily drawdown limit in MONEY, calculated according to the FTMO rules. Non-trading operations (like withdrawals) during the day are not taken into account.

- 'Max Daily Drawdown Reset Hour FTMO Rules (Broker time)': hour to reset the max. drawdown with the prop firm.

- 'Handle Max Drawdown Events on Every Tick': enable/disable drawdown event handling on every tick (instead of once a minute which is used by default, it may consume more CPU resources).

- 'Minutes to Start Trading': minutes to start trading (for initial orders only).

- 'Minutes to Stop Trading': minutes to stop trading (for initial orders only).

- 'Allow Manual Trading Buttons': enable/disable manual trading buttons that allow you to manually open an initial trade: the EA will pick up the manually opened trade and manage it as usual. The buttons are affected by the following parameters: Symbols, Maximum Spread, and Maximum Symbols at a time.

- 'Rounding Method' - allows you to choose the method of rounding fractional lots to calculate trading lot sizes.

- 'Rollover Start Hour': rollover start hour.

- 'Rollover Start Minutes': rollover start minutes.

- 'Rollover End Hour': rollover end hour.

- 'Rollover End Minutes': rollover end minutes.

- 'Send Orders During Rollover Time': enable/disable sending orders (including grid trades) during rollover time.

- 'Remove TakeProfit During Rollover': removes TP for all orders at the specified rollover time. This option helps to avoid closing trades via TP during bad trading conditions since slippage can turn a profitable trade into a losing one.

- 'Custom Symbol Multipliers separated by comma': here you can set multipliers to calculate trading lots for each pair, for example, 1.0,0.7,0.9. This means that the first pair (specified in the 'Symbols separated by comma' parameter) will be open normally, but the second and third will have smaller lots, multipliers 0.7x and 0.9x.

- 'Working TF for BB and RSI': allows you to set working TF for BB and RSI indicators.

- 'Percentage Pips Mode': enable/disable percentage pips mode. 1 percentage pip = 0.0001 * Current Price.

- 'Custom Multipliers sep. by comma': custom multipliers for each GRID step separated by a comma, for example - 1,2,4,8,12,18,27,41. This parameter has a higher priority.

- 'Trailing SL Size, in pips [0-disabled]': trailing stop in pips based on the grid breakeven point (=weighted average entry price of all orders including SWAPs and commissions).

- 'Trailing SL Start, in pips': number of pips in profit at which the trailing SL is activated.

- 'Tester Withdrawal (Tester only)': the withdrawal will take place if the account equity exceeds the specified value.

- 'Withdrawal Amount (Tester only)': amount to withdrawal.

How to update your Waka Waka:
Those of you who have bought Waka Waka on the MQL market, will be able to update it automatically from within your MetaTrader terminals.
Those who bought it on website, will receive the updated download files on the private Telegram group.

How to try Waka Waka for free:
Those who haven't tried Waka Waka yet, can download it and start their 14 days free trial right now!

Best wishes,