Golden Pickaxe v1.33 is Now Available! 🔔


Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor has been updated!

Here is what's new:

- Default settings changed to XAU Risky.set as many people using default settings are unhappy with the lack of trades due to the volatility filter.

- Added a new parameter: External Config File. It allows you to specify a custom file name for the Perceptron configuration file. This option can help train Perceptron on different currency pairs and run set files on multiple charts.

- Added a new parameter : Fixed Delay before sending Orders, sec [0-disabled]. It helps run more than one set file on the same account and the same pair with the same UID so that the set files do not open new grids at the same time.

For example, if you run 3 set files on the same pair and want no more than 1 grid to be open at the same time, then I recommend setting the delay as follows:

First set-file (trades most often): Fixed Delay before sending Orders=0
Second set-file: Fixed Delay before sending Orders=3
Third set file (trades less often): Fixed Delay before sending Orders=6

The delay is necessary so that a set file can see just opened trades of another set file and skip the trading signal.

- Fixed issues with the swap calculation for some brokers.

- Several minor improvements.

➡️ Those of you who have bought Golden Pickaxe on the MQL market will be able to update it automatically from within your MetaTrader terminals

➡️ Those who bought it on the website will receive the updated download files on the private Telegram group

➡️ And those who haven't tried Golden Pickaxe yet, can download it and start their 14 days free trial right now

Best wishes,