Why +3000 happy clients
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In the last two years, I've sold over +3000 copies of my EAs, for which I received several hundreds of 5-star reviews as well as some amazing video testimonials. Here you can see a few of them:

 ~ 03 Aug 2022
"Since I discovered Valerie's Expert Advisors my trading has never been better. I grew my account +436% in one year and made quite a lot of money""
 ~ 09 Sep 2022
"I've been using Valeria's EAs for over a year now. I can honestly say they are the best EAs ever created. Constant almost daily profit. Love these EAs."
United Kingdom

Isaac Adjei
1 review
Updated Apr 20, 2023
Highly Effective EAs for Consistent Growth and Compounded Returns
I've been using Valery Trading's EAs (Expert Advisors) for a while now, and I've been extremely satisfied with their consistent growth and compounded returns. Their team of experts is highly knowledgeable and has developed advanced EAs that have helped me automate and optimize my trading strategies. The EAs are reliable and user-friendly, making it easy to track and manage investments. Overall, I highly recommend Valery Trading's EAs to anyone seeking consistent growth, compounded returns, and reliable trading automation tools.
Date of experience: March 31, 2023
1 review
Apr 10, 2023
Perfect Start into Forex
I am part of this community for 2 months now and I am impressed. You can learn a lot if you are new in the chat group and Valery and her team are very responsive for answering questions and giving feedback. As well, they give advise on how to behave or set risk in difficult or changing market conditions. GREAT SUPPORT!!! Not to say, that her grid EAs work fine, you just have to know what is going on and manage your risk accordingly. Greed will distroy any account everywhere I think.
Date of experience: Apr 10, 2023
Dennis Teachworth
1 review
Jan 23, 2023
I have been trading for years...
I have been trading for years... I have the Hunter Pro, WAKA WAKA and recently the Golden Pickaxe, and all three are making consistent profits! I love your member's web site. THE BEST. Easy to use, and extremely helpful and resourceful. Plus; you're always responsive and on top of the latest developments and news. Great products and service.
Date of experience: March 20, 2023
2 reviews
Updated Mar 24, 2023
Waka Waka and Golden Pickaxe…
I use both WakaWaka and Golden Pickaxe and both works well. It is important to keep low risk settings, as both programs are aggressive when moving in the opposite direction. Otherwise there will be large positions and too high risk. I can recommend both programs.
Date of experience: March 23, 2023
Rain Stormz

2022.03.09 10:25

After testing various EA over the years, I've finally had an EA that is closest to the elusive 'Holy grail' system. I'm a person who can't trade manually well enough to gain some meaningful profit. I usually fell under the 75-90% of traders who loses instead. I'm impatient, and emotional, jumping from one strategy to strategy that could have also cost me my health and sanity. With this EA all the flaws that I had have been addressed. The author is very professional and pretty responsive in the EA's telegram. Very much recommended. With this EA (and trading with it since Sept 21') I'm on my way to recovering the loss and cost I had incurred over the years with other systems. Don't waste your time looking elsewhere (other EA) like I did before having this EA. During this period of the volatile market due to war, it is best to not turn on the EA until the 'quiet market' is observed on days towards the end of the US session (tiny 1HR candles).


2022.07.01 03:37

Many thanks to Valeria Mishchenko for her outstanding work! She is one of the few excellent developers on MQL, and she is trustworthy. I purchased NHP MT5 (night hunter Pro MT5) in October 2021 and have been using it until now. Its performance makes me very satisfied. The premise is that you should listen to VM's advice, use the right broker, and use the right lot, such as dividing funds into multiple accounts and multiple brokers. These experiences are VM's advice, and she is very professional. NHP is an EA with long-term stable profits. Of course, it will not make profits every day, it will also have losses. However, the profits will cover the losses soon, and the overall profits are stable. Don't expect to become Buffett in one day. No matter how excellent EA is, it won't bring you profits every day, but can bring you profits whit long-term trades!

Thank Valeria Mishchenko again, 5-star praise!

Viktor Albert

2022.03.19 15:06

If you would like to have an EA that can make you money consistently, then it's a no brainer. I use it for over 6 months now and it doubled my account (with using higher risk preset) with minimal dradown. And i have to highlight the developer, Valeria's expertise, professionalism and hard working attitude. She will help in every and any way possible if you need it. So i absolutely recommend NHP or any other EA that was developed by her.

Rosemiro Hoffmann

2022.03.07 21:10

Just one word: Incredible. I made very good financial gains. Valeriia, super attentive with my doubts. In addition to providing a communication channel where everyone can exchange experiences and crucial information to effectively operationalize the EA. Valeriia I confess that at the beginning of my backtests the product created good expectations, but in the real account it was even better, that is, above expectations. This EA of yours is Sensational.

 ~ 08 Nov 2022
"I have all of Valeria's Expert Advisors and since I started using them I made +245% in 14 months. The EAs are profitable, so what are you waiting for?"
 ~ 08 Dic 2022
"Right now, I am walking on a beach in Tunisia while still making money. For the last 6 months, I've been able to achieve a 7.67% monthly gain, with a drawdown of just 9.30%"


2022.11.07 05:19

I have been using Waka Waka EA for over a year now. It is by far the best EA I have bought on MQL5 and the best EA I have used in more than 5 years of trading with EAs. Waka has given me consistent growth in my accounts and with an acceptable drawdown. The settings are customizable according to your risk tolerance and the seller has been very responsive to questions that I have had with an active Telegram group any questions that I may have are answered by that group almost instantly. I found setting up the EA very easy and the discussion in the Telegram groups has added to my knowledge and understanding of how the EA trades. Waka Waka is a great EA.


2022.09.28 08:5

Night hunter PRO is really the best EA in MQL5 market in terms of my using for 1 years. To be honest, I start $10,000 last September, NHP help me to earn near $40,000, you can see how wonderful this EA is. Author Valeriia gave me a lot of help, she instructed how to set EA with safest and best parameters. This EA is very honest, not like other EA in MQL5, full of fraud as we know. Very appreciate for Valeriia's work and hope she can continue to give us valuable help.


2022.09.06 13:3

This was the first EA I bought from Valeria. I’ve passed several prop firm challenges with this EA which I still have now. Due to current war and other factors the EA has taken a slight hit in comparison to pre-war but I can confidently say this is the best night scalper out there, the EA is protected by a news / volatility filter and gives great returns.


2022.05.03 17:09

I have been following Valeriia's work for several months now via other development and I can only recognize her talent in the development of her systems. The results are always there. All informed traders will recognize a very clean work in the management of the risk and the strategy that wins to be recognized! The "simple" strategies that work will always be the best over time. Now is not the time to hesitate :-)

Chin Wei Toh

2022.09.28 10:35

Have been using all Valeria EAs. Her work is amazing. Makes profit in the long run. keep up the good work


2022.09.16 13:12

Highly recommend Valeriia and her EAs. She is the best in the market. Thank you for all your help so far!!!

 ~ Jan 30, 2023
"I've successfully used these EAs in my Forex trading, which has not only been profitable but also time-saving, given my job and family commitments. These tools are easy to set up, supported by quality assistance and an active Telegram community."
 ~ 26 Jan 2023
"Over 2.5 years, I tested more than 30 Expert Advisors and discarded most of them, but kept all of Valeriia's on my investment portfolio. The documentation is very clear and the support and community are excellent"

Victor Manuel Avila Figueroa
2 reviews
Apr 19, 2023
Beyond expectations
Beyond expectations. The EA waka waka is a real profitable tool. Valery should change the name to THE TRUTH.
Date of experience: April 10, 2023
Sayak Ghoshal
1 review
Apr 5, 2023
Great EA.
Running this ea for a month. Making small steady profit every day.
Date of experience: March 17, 2023
Spencer Hammond
6 reviews
Apr 5, 2023
Very satisfied with Valerie's waka waka…
Very satisfied with Valerie's waka waka EA very safe consistent profits that will grow your investment over time
Date of experience: March 16, 2023
1 review
Mar 31, 2023
Excellent products and service I will…
Excellent products and service I will definitely recommend your products to my friends and family.
Date of experience: March 24, 2023
 ~ 29 Jun 2022
"I stumbled upon Valeria's EAs by accident 10 months ago. Since then I've been able to pass two prop-firm challenges and I'm making constant monthly profits"
United Kingdom
 ~ 06 Sep 2021
"My starting funds were $5.000 and after trading for one year I made a profit of almost $40.000. These Expert Advisors gave me very stable and high profits"

Noemie, Evelyn Lemoine

2022.08.08 21:08

Very good EA (might be the best on mql5), I've been using it now for 4 months and on some accounts it's getting wonderful results!! Valeria is attentive and always there to improve her EAs if necessary. Thank you very much Valeria!

Stanislav Gordiienko

2022.05.08 16:20

Valeria is an honest and professional developer of trading systems that make money, not lose money. This scalper deserves the highest rating of all her products. Possibly the best deal on the market.


2022.05.19 16:01

Valeria professionalism and dedication are awesome. Best in MQL5 no doubt. This EA is still recent but her products are overall some of the best. This one is no doubt very promising ( been running for 1 month around) and uses a different system from what Im used to. Its not the holy grail (it does not exist) and not all days are profit but very happy that I bought it and consider it to be a great addition to a good EA portfolio. 5 stars well deserved and thank you Valeria

Kiel Warren Titus Hudson

2022.09.27 09:27

There is something really special about Val. The quality of EA's she produces are just next level, and the support she provides is top notch. The backtests for this thing is insane. Obviously it's a bit early, but based on everything else she has created, and the polish/quality of each of her products...well this is a no brainer. Get it now before the price increases and enjoy your new found wealth.

Sergei Deviatov

2022.04.28 15:51

It's not the first EA I've bought from Valeria. I have been working with her for more than a year now. She is one of the few authors who actually make profit from trading, not just from selling EAs, and I can see it in my accounts. I think this on its own is enough to pay close attention to her EAs.


2022.06.01 01:33

I've been a member of Valery Trading since June of last year and I have over time come to own all of her EAs. All of them have proven their worth, backed by solid backtests and live trading with great performance. I can truly recommend it. Best support from the best developer on MQL5. Thanks Valeriia!

 ~ 30 Jan 2030
"My experience with Valerias Expert Advisors is that you actually do make money. Having a job and a family, using Valeria's EAs frees a lot of time, and is a useful tool for passive and retirement income"
 ~ 15 Mar 2023
"Buying Valeria's EAs was one of my best decisions ever. You get straight profits most of the time, and what's most important for me, peace of mind, as I do not worry my accounts will blow up"

4 reviews
Mar 22, 2023
Waka Waka forex trading bot
The Waka Waka forex trading bot is a solid investment for those looking to automate their forex trading strategy. As with any product, you get what you pay for, and this bot delivers on its promises. I've made profits using this bot, and the support from the Valery Trading team has been exceptional. They are always quick to respond and offer helpful solutions to any issues that arise. Overall, I highly recommend the Waka Waka forex trading bot to anyone looking to increase their profits in the forex market
Date of experience: February 22, 2023
1 review
Mar 15, 2023
Super constant Golden Pickaxe
Super constant, smooth growing. Tool could be left alone without manual intervention, even if hard forex times. I recommend to everyone who are looking for smoth-stable-growth-for-long-run and for those who wish to have a partner(Valery’s products alike GoldenPickaxe) who can trust to keep your balance growth. Also Valery(Valeriia Mishchenko) always response and help you out and advise any questions - so You could count on her.
Date of experience: March 14, 2023
Alan Shambrook
1 review
Mar 8, 2023
Very Professional Developer
The site and accessibility was one of the best I have seen. The instructions and information available about the EA are top level. No information has been hidden. I would recommend this EA.
Date of experience: February 28, 2023
1 review
Apr 5, 2023
The EAs offered by Valery Trading are…
The EAs offered by Valery Trading are known for their accuracy, reliability, and performance. They are thoroughly tested and optimized to ensure that they are working efficiently and effectively. Also a great support team, always ready to help.
Date of experience: April 04, 2023
Kin Ming Li

2022.09.27 09:57

Simply the best EA, very consistent, exactly the same behavior as BT result, I am really happy with it. Highly recommended

Ting Hui Wu

2022.09.06 03:18

I have to say same words, awesome and stable EA! Test it in past one month on 2 brokers with real money, both accounts had more than 10% profit~ Recommend it to everyone~

Fabricio Caldiero

2022.10.04 05:29

Excellent results in backtest and real account, you need to keep risk low since it¬īs a grid system and it could have big DD if you set more than 1% Deposit Load. so far i¬īve been making nice profits with it. Good Job Valery, keep working and improving your EAs.


2022.09.28 12:14

This is an excellent Martin grid EA, which can bring stable income, but you must use excellent brokers. In the current volatile financial environment, we need to pay attention to our own risk settings to reduce risks.

 ~ 18 Oct 2022
"I started using Waka Waka on April of 2022, and managed to get constant profits for six months, growing my account by almost 40% with a drawdown of just 8%. Thanks to this EA I am making 3 to 4 times my junior doctor salary"
 ~ 03 Jul 2022
"I have made constant profits for 11 months now, without having to do anything and without prior experience. It has been a great experience so far, as being a student I do not have time to trade by myself "
United States

1 review
Dec 14, 2022
Stable investment without blown up
Very helpful trading tools with promising after-sales services support. And, all settings are provided in built-in products, either to go high risks/ low risks which is your own choice.
Date of experience: November 24, 2022
2 reviews
Feb 17, 2023
Everything about Valeria products is a…
Everything about Valeria products is a great. Quality of the EA s in terms of trades, Balance protection by SL, settings of the EAs are totally customisable with some predefined strategy, documentation about the EAs are well detailed, videos, backtesting of the EAs are for a several years. Highly recommended
Date of experience: February 09, 2023
2 reviews
Jan 23, 2023
Like a breath of fresh air in Forex Trading
Like a breath of fresh air in Forex Trading. Only forex business i've seen that gives a free trial to prove the products,support and easy to use setup instructions. Several different strategy's to suit different traders risk factors with good proven backup information on MQL5 and myfxbook.Only downside is i can't give more than five stars.
Date of experience: January 02, 2023
Jia Meng Pang
Dec 27, 2022
Valleria EA has changed my life forever
I've used many different types of EA previously but none is as consistent and intelligent as Golden Pickaxe EA by Valleria Trading..... i'm really impressed on the winning percentage albeit i understand that with the 5 setting options provided for us to choose our trading risks, i preferred Risk Vol set file and it suits my risk appetite very well. The after service support from the team is great!
Date of experience: December 19, 2022

Stefan Marjoram

2022.04.07 15:2

Valeria has done a really excellent job with this EA. Thanks.

Update August 26% profit and 8.6% drawdown, amazing.

Jing Yew Yeap

2022.03.17 00:28

First two trades already closed in profit $5.98. I am only using $75 dollar account. Valeriia ‚Äės EA , I always trust.

Yat Chiu William Hui

2022.04.21 09:57

I purchased this EA based on the real signal from Valeria, it is really a good EA and all the trade in my trading account exactly the same as the Valeria signal. Highly recommend this EA to anyone that need a safe and profitable EA.


2022.03.29 18:11

It's the third product I purchased from Valeriia. As all Ea's bevor, it is well developed and had great support. After 2 Weeks of live Trading, I have the same results as her live signal and just profit trades.


2022.03.16 18:43

Valeriia is fantastic! I have been following her various Ea's results for a long time - by far the best value, and most stable results! Her mature approach to trading concepts is very refreshing. So far the Ea has done very well. I have great faith in her work. I would highly recommend any of her Ea's!


2022.03.15 18:0

Valeriia Mishchenko does really great EAs and her support is really unbeatable. That's why I bought this EA right after its release and I'm sure it will be a great EA again. Thank you Valeriia for your great work.

Siu Cheung Colin Tsui

2022.06.18 06:25

Best EA I've ever purchased.


2022.09.05 04:5

It's a very clever EA, highly accurate


2022.12.10 22:03

Solid backtest and good live performance, I am satisfied with this EA.

Mr Warat Patcharakunanya

2022.09.29 08:15 

One of the best EAs! Evening Scalper is profitable. The key is to be patient.

 ~ 03 Aug 2022
"I have to say Waka Waka is the best Expert Advisor I found in seven years of trading. I grew my account 13.6% in only three months, beating Germany's 10% yearly inflation."
 ~ 05 Jul 2022
"I was about to give up on the idea of generating income using Forex EAs. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Valerie's EAs. These have been the first EAs that brought me consistent profits".

Jarolav H
4 reviews
Jan 5, 2023
Miraculous Valery
Hello, I want to thank you for your unparalleled service. Valery is very pleasant and promptly deals with any help. I am very satisfied with her approach. His EAs are second to none. We should address her "The Miraculous Valery" Sincerely, JH.
Date of experience: January 05, 2023
cadmiel kikan
1 review
Dec 15, 2022
I've been Valérie trading for much more…
I've been Valérie trading for much more than 1 year And it's the best when it comes to trading robot She has made algorithms defying all the market she is always active and totally transparent It offers the possibility to use its EAs for free for 14 days in real or demo No other designer offers this Big up to you
Date of experience: December 14, 2022
Satheesh K
2 reviews
Dec 14, 2022
I have tried many EAs for Forex…
I have tried many EAs for Forex trading, most of them failed until I found Valery's EAs. They are one of the best in the market. The support you get from Valery and the team is extremely good. All of her EAs have live myfxbook verified accounts , detailed back test results and optimised set files. Valery goes out of her way to support her customers and provides free lifetime updates.
Date of experience: December 13, 2022
4 reviews
Dec 14, 2022
Brilliant EAS and Brilliant customer service!
I have been a long time customer of Valeria, her eas are very good (I would say the best on the market) she stands by them with proven track records. Valeria will go above and beyond to help you out if you need it. I had some experience also with Martin who I think works with Valeria he was very helpful also and a pleasure to deal with. 5 stars from me. Thanks for being awesome guys :)
Date of experience: December 01, 2022
Sergio Ramos
1 review
Dec 14, 2022
Long term profits....
The community that Valery's EA have are by far the best.. the channels are filled with very knowledgeable users that make the experience much better when dealing with the EAs. Not just limited to any single EA. The community the EAs have really brings out the best in these EAs and help making these EAs profitable long term.
Date of experience: December 13, 2022
David A. Bushnell
4 reviews
Dec 2, 2022
Best Source for Profitable Forex EA’s
Simply the best source for smart, profitable expert advisors (EA’s) for MetaTrader forex trading. As a developer, Val is 100% mindful and caring of her clients’ support needs. She could hire others to do the job, but she wants to provide the individual attention herself. Her EA’s have the latest in tech advances as time goes by and analytics grow more sophisticated. My personal favorite EA is WakaWaka: very profitable and customizable. I’m now learning the Golden Pickaxe EA which shows great promise with numerous hi-tech analytical functions for profitably trading the volatile gold market.
Date of experience: December 02, 2022