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News Catcher Pro

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Sky-rocket your trading with your News Catcher Pro license which includes:

  • 10 MetaTrader 4 or 5 Accounts
  • Lifetime license
  • Free updates
  • User dashboard access
  • 3 different trading sets
  • FTMO/prop-firm trading set files
  • Easy to follow "How to install" videos
  • Strategy Guide
  • Risk Management Settings
  • Access to exclusive Telegram group
  • 1 on 1 support from developer (Valeriia)
  • Remote desktop configuration
  • BONUS #1 Volatility filter indicator
  • BONUS #2 2 months of ValeryVPS

Included: News Catcher Pro .EX4 and .EX5 files

Last updated: May 24th 2022

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  • Account growth: +86.42%
  • Monthly: 4.82%
  • Drawdown: 17.22%
  • Winrate: 96%
  • Years tracked: 2023-2024
  • Profitable months: 11 of 13




Why +3000 happy clients just ❤️ my EAs

Based Reviews Based Reviews

2022.12.10 22:03

Solid backtest and good live performance, I am satisfied with this EA.

Mr Warat Patcharakunanya

2022.09.29 08:15

One of the best EAs! Evening Scalper is profitable. The key is to be patient.

Chin Wei Toh

2022.09.28 10:35

Have been using all Valeria EAs. Her work is amazing. Makes profit in the long run. keep up the good work

Kin Ming Li

2022.09.27 09:55

Valeria is really professional and helpful, and all her EA are of great quality, and the best thing is, you can mix-match multiple EA from her. Just now, I find Night Hunter pro is a great match with Evening Scalper :)


2022.09.12 15:14 

Good EA, works well but you need a good broker as recommended by the author. The first couple of months were negative but it has more than made up for it. Thoroughly recommend and the Valeria is responsive to any issues you may have. Very good. Thanks.


2022.09.13 15:31

I've been a member of Valery Trading since June of last year and I have over time come to own all of her EAs. All of them have proven their worth, backed by solid backtests and live trading with great performance. I can truly recommend it. Best support from the best developer on MQL5. Thanks Valeriia!

Savell Martin

2022.09.05 10:57

I love all of Vals EA's! They are pure quality. ESP is another gem! It will not win EVERY trade but it by far wins the majority and makes constant long term profits.


2022.09.05 04:51

It's a very clever EA, highly accurate.

Noemie, Evelyn Lemoine

2022.09.07 16:23

Very good EA (might be the best on mql5), I've been using it now for 4 months and on some accounts, it's getting wonderful results!! Valeria is attentive and always there to improve her EAs if necessary. Thank you very much, Valeria!

Siu Cheung Colin Tsui

2022.06.18 06:25 

Best EA I've ever purchased.


2022.05.19 16:01

Valeria's professionalism and dedication are awesome. Best in MQL5 no doubt. This EA is still recent but her products are overall some of the best. This one is no doubt very promising ( been running for 1 month around) and uses a different system from what I'm used to. It's not the holy grail (it does not exist) and not all days are profit but very happy that I bought it and consider it to be a great addition to a good EA portfolio. 5 stars well deserved and thank you, Valeria.

Stanislav Gordiienko

2022.05.08 16:20

Valeria is an honest and professional developer of trading systems that make money, not lose money. This scalper deserves the highest rating of all her products. Possibly the best deal on the market.

Yat Chiu William Hui

2022.04.22 09:06

Having a good experience of using the EA. One of the best EA that I purchased.

Sergei Deviatov

2022.04.28 15:50

It's not the first EA I've bought from Valeria. I have been working with her for more than a year now. She is one of the few authors who actually make profit from trading, not just from selling EAs, and I can see it in my accounts. I think this on its own is enough to pay close attention to her EAs.

Kiel Warren Titus Hudson

2022.04.15 01:58

There is something really special about Val. The quality of EA's she produces are just next level, and the support she provides is top notch. The backtests for this thing is insane. Obviously it's a bit early, but based on everything else she has created, and the polish/quality of each of her products...well this is a no brainer. Get it now before the price increases and enjoy your new found wealth.

Why you will have an unmatched experience:

Uses a powerful mean-reversion strategy that uses intraday seasonal volatility patterns caused by high-impact news events

Uses real market mechanics to its advantage to make profit

Has a (double) verified MyFxBook track record on live accounts

Focused on long-term stable growth rather than making quick profits

Keeps your capital safe, thanks to low drawdown made possible by different risk management configurations

Offers custom FTMO/prop-firm challenge set files that adhere to prop-firm regulations

Constantly updated, incorporating all the latest innovations in the financial markets trading field

Hundreds of incredible text and video testimonials all across the internet

Not sensible to broker selection, for which you can diversify and scale your investment

Offered by the #1 ranked EA developer with several Expert Advisors considered to be among the best on the market

Has low drawdown thanks to different risk managements configurations to keep your money safe

Has been intensively back-tested over 20 years of real tick data with consistent top-notch results

Exclusive Telegram Group community, filled with hundreds of active expert traders and Evening Scalper Pro users, killing it on the financial markets

Personal support from the developer, available 24/7 for anything you might need, including remote configuration via AnyDesk

You will get access to a custom Forex trading optimized cloud server to ensure the EA is running 24/7 for you

Got some remaining questions?

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Here is a list of the most common questions I receive and the answers. If you need help with anything that's not here, do not hesitate to contact me via email or Telegram, and I'll be happy to respond to you

What is the difference between buying on website or MQL?
What brokers do the EA's work well with?
What is the difference between MT 4 and MT 5 EA's?
Do you have a private Telegram group for buyers?
Do you have a Telegram channel?
Can your EAs pass the FTMO Challenge/MFF evaluation phase with another prop firm?
What lot size are your EA's OK to work with?
Do I need to switch EAs off during major news events, like US and UK elections?
I can only work with the 1:30 leverage. Won’t it be a problem for your EAs?
I can only work with the 1:30 leverage. Won’t it be a problem for your EAs?
I use the EA for the first time and I don’t know what to do. Can you guide me?
What risk level should I use with the EA?
Is it necessary to use a VPS?
Does your EA support FIFO?
Should I have trades left on weekends?