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Hi - I am Valeriia Mishchenko and you may already know me for my Forex Expert Advisors which are rated among the best ones in the MQL market

I've been developing algo-trading systems for over 10 years, with one of them reaching +8000% account growth with over +68 consecutive months in profit, all of which live track-records are available on my verified MyFxBook profile as well as on the live signals of my MQL market profile

So trust me.. I'm an expert when it comes to developing EAs that will exploit market opportunities to make you big profits on auto-pilot


"Can I use your EAs to pass my FTMO/prop-firm challenge?"

Since prop firm challenges got immensely popular, starting in 2020, I receive this question, multiple times per day, every single day.

It makes sense.

Prop-firm challenges are considered 'low-risk', 'high-reward', as you do not trade with your own capital, and can get access to accounts with up to $600.000 in funds.

You only need to pay an accessible fixed fee, and you're off to the races. Prove you're a good trader, get funded, quit your 9-5 job, and live the life of your dreams..


"If I use a proven Expert Advisor,
I will pass my challenge.."

You've probably gone through this thinking process yourself:

"Wow! This is easy. My prop-firm will fund me if I pass this challenge, where I need to make X% in X time, with a maximum drawdown of X%.

That means, if I find an Expert Advisor that has been performing like that for the last few years, I should be able to pass my challenge!"

Haven't you?

Unfortunately, that's not how it works.

Your thinking was not illogical.

You just forgot to consider something:

Prop-firms make money from your challenge fees, and they have strict rules that make it very tough for any automated trading strategy to pass them.

Prop-firms challenges are designed for you to lose

If the propositions by prop-firms sound too good to be true, it's for a reason: challenges are, statistically, extremely hard to pass.

As with any other form of Forex retail trading, it is no secret, that the big majority of people who start a challenge, end up not passing it. According to prop-firms public data, It is highly likely that less than 1 in 10000 people at least get their fees back from the prop firm.

Prop-firms are very well aware that there are Expert Advisors out there that have been providing stable results for many years on live accounts, such as Waka Waka, so they have protected themselves against them.

That's why, most challenges have very strict rules in terms of automated trading.

Here are the 3 main reasons:

Prop-firm challenges allow only for maximum amounts of total and daily drawdown, which are usually below 5-10%.

Prop firm challenges limit the number of traders with the same trades, limiting the number of people who can use the same EA

Prop-firm challenges usually require traders to achieve certain profit targets, which are usually from 5 to 10%.

 ~ 03 Aug 2022
"Since I discovered Valerie's EAs my trading has never been better. I grew my account +436% in one year and made quite a lot of money"
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Brendan JCA
Brendan JCA

Why "Guaranteed" solutions don't work

It is no surprise that as prop-firm challenges became so popular, so many EA sellers and Forex gurus started offering trading strategies and Expert Advisors that "guarantee you will pass your challenge".

Unfortunately, these "holy-grail" solutions are nothing more than a money-making scheme, updated to today's context.

It does not matter how good the Expert Advisor is, as with more people using the EAs, the prop-firm will detect that many users are placing exactly the same trades, and restrict them from doing so.

It's not about the trades the Expert Advisors places, but how they adapt to prop-firm strict rules, when several traders are using them at the same time..

Here’s the secret to success with prop-firm challenges

No EA can guarantee success because the rules of each prop-firm challenge are constantly changing to prevent traders from exploiting them.

Therefore, in order for an Expert Advisor to perform consistently and have higher chances of passing a challenge, it needs to have built-in rules and parameters that make them fit for prop-firm rules, such as randomization

That's why I offer trading set files that are specifically designed to help my EAs comply with strict prop-firm rules, including randomization algorithms that help you avoid getting limited or flagged.


You can trade with EAs that are not only proven, but also come with prop-firm challenges set files

When you choose one of my Expert Advisors, you're choosing a proven strategy that's designed to succeed. Plus, with my proprietary trading set files, you can be confident that your trades will comply with prop-firm rules, helping you avoid costly mistakes and achieve consistent performance.

Your EA will be following the strict rules of your prop-firm challenge, so your account does not get limited

Your EA will be placing different trades than the rest of the users, thanks to randomization algorithms

Your EA will have its trading optimized for passing your prop-firm challenge

You will be trading with the most proven Expert Advisors in the market

You will be trading with exclusive trading set files, as they are only available for people who purchase the EAs


 ~ 21 Nov 2022
"I have tried more than 15 different EAs, and when I discovered Valeria's I moved all my money to them. Been using them for more than one year with great profits"
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Andres Felipe
Andres Felipe

Why more than 3000 satisfied clients just ❤️ my EAs

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Casper Pold

2023.04.18 19:32

I have tried several EAs, but none remotely compares to this. After much consideration and backtesting, I chipped in and bought it. And oh boy, I am so happy I did. This EA can be a life changer if you use it correctly. It definitely has for me since I no longer have to worry about the ups and downs in the stock market and the volatility that comes with most investments. Here I have a stable and steady income. I use it on a trading account with a low spread, where it works great. It is a grid-based EA, but since it is made cleverly and has many security measures built into it, I don't consider it riskier than other EAs. I want to thank Valeriia for making such a magnificent product.


2023.02.27 14:12

I have been running Golden Pickaxe for almost 2 months now and Im running average risk with 2 different sets. Results are not sky high, but has been very stable and profit is good. Has an incredible active group in Telegram with great people to learn from. I have a lot of experience with Valeria EAs that are without doubt closest to the best we can find. Its not a making money machine but great for a portfolio of EAs. Recommend it and need to give 5 stars since it is very well designed and tested.

Update: running more then 4 months and very happy with it. Just dont forget of risk/money management.

Charles Hofman Petrillo

2022.09.08 12:02

Great SCALPER, and very consistent. I am very satisfied with its overall performance and stability.

It's an EA that you can rely on.

The community is great, generating good discussions, and most important, Vallery is extremely up-to-date with what is happening in the market, giving tips and adjustments if necessary for the current settings.

Great tech support.

oto moto

2023.02.23 17:43

The system is stable. There are periods of stagnation, but this is not a problem. The main thing is to wait and the adviser comes out of drawdowns without any problems. Moreover, the seller posted a link to the real accounts on which his advisers work. The key is risk management. Do not go beyond reasonable risks. The market is unpredictable. Who has nowhere to put money, you can set aggressive parameters. Who does not know how to wait and do not know what a stable and small profit is, go to the casino and look for fortune there or learn how to trade yourself

M Arul James

2023.02.28 04:04

My 2nd favorite EA after "Waka Waka" is Evening Scalper. This is similar to "Night Hunter Pro" in protecting the capital but little more aggressive in making profits. Thank you Valeriia for the work.


2022.10.04 18:03

I wanted to wait until I have gained sufficient experience before posting a review for this EA...I am using 'Night Hunter Pro' now for appr. 10 months and - despite having some declines - I am very happy with this scalper. I run it for the three main currencies GBPUSD, EURUSD and EURCHF. In two months I had (minor!) losses which were overcompensated by gains in the other 8 months. In my opinion the EA is very transparent and "honest", i.e. not promising a fortune overnight but giving a solid gain over time. Thanks, Valeriia!


2023.06.05 01:17

This is the best EA I've ever purchased. I bought it back in August 2022, set it to low-risk lot size, and since then it's been consistently turning profits for me.

Ng Chu En

2023.01.03 12:21

Fantastic grid EA with a very customisable setup, so no doubt I consider this as the best Grid EA in the market. Manage your multipler, grid distance & lot size per balance and everything can run set and forget for a few years. Any EA without good money management can blow your account, so find the balance for the greed and fear ratio, if you are a smart user. Market is constantly changing, not to forget end of May ordeal for NZDCAD, where many users lost money due to extreme trend.

Tony Seno Hartono

2022.09.07 16:23

Waka Waka is a very good EA, very consistent, and its behavior is exactly the same with the backtest result. Its a grid system, means that sometime it can have big DD, but as long as you have passed the backtest safely, you could trust it to run 24x7 with minimal monitoring.

Ting Hui Wu

2022.09.06 03:18

I have to say same words, awesome and stable EA! Test it in past one month on 2 brokers with real money, both accounts had more than 10% profit~ Recommend it to everyone~

Leon Hans Morten Voige

2022.07.26 10:53

I am very happy with Waka. The backtests correspond to the real trades in the live signal. Just play around a bit with the settings and don't take too much risk, then anyone can really make a profit with it. Valeria answers quickly and also helps with any problems. Clearly 5 stars!

Mr Sukaran Bubpha

2022.12.13 16:02

The best EA I’ve ever purchased and using for longterm consistent profit in monthly basis. Trust, Respect & Responsively EA & author.


2021.12.12 02:06 

My second EA from Valery and definitely not the last. I actually bought both MT4 and MT5 versions. Been using it since August and extremely happy with it. I’m using it with medium risk and happy with the steady returns with reasonable drawdown. Excellent communication and support from Valery in the Telegram group. Highly recommend it.

Jamal M A A Hamdan

2021.10.13 17:12 

The back test showing good result i will use it on Live account now and i will update this review

4/7/2022 update: I run the EA on live account 9 months still good and the result same the backtest

Andres Felipe

2021.08.26 15:19 

So far, it's great. I'm using this EA on my real accounts now, and it works as expected. This is not a traditional grid system that will empty your account at any time. It is a professionally developed EA. I will use it at medium to medium-low risk and post my results in a few weeks. The author is always willing to help and replies fast.

Update on 8/15/22: Waka Waka has been making constant profit for several months. Average is 3% / 5% monthly for my risk settings. Seller is always replying quick when I have questions. I recommend to do a lot of tests to understand the levell of risks that you want to accept.

"Alright, I'm sold!"


How does it work?"

Buy any of my Expert Advisors, which have verified MyFxBook track records for up to 5 years on live accounts
Log in to your user dashboard
Go to the "prop-firm set files" section and request your custom trading set file
Load your trading set-file and your EA and allow the robot to trade your accounts


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Got some remaining questions?

That's super understandable. Even though the whole point of Expert Advisors is to enjoy trading on auto-pilot, there's a lot of things that need to be done before

Here is a list of the most common questions I receive and the answers. If you need help with anything that's not here, do not hesitate to contact me via email or Telegram, and I'll be happy to respond to you

What is the difference between buying on website or MQL?
What brokers do the EA's work well with?
What is the difference between MT 4 and MT 5 EA's?
Do you have a private Telegram group for buyers?
Do you have a Telegram channel?
Can your EAs pass the FTMO Challenge/MFF evaluation phase with another prop firm?
What lot size are your EA's OK to work with?
Do I need to switch EAs off during major news events, like US and UK elections?
I can only work with the 1:30 leverage. Won’t it be a problem for your EAs?
I use the EA for the first time and I don’t know what to do. Can you guide me?
What risk level should I use with the EA?
Is it necessary to use a VPS?
Does your EA support FIFO?
Should I have trades left on weekends?


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