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Crack The “AI Formula” For Expert Advisors Trading

Unleash the power of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence for Expert Advisors and supercharge your algorithmic trading!

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Hi - I am Valeriia Mishchenko and you may already know me for my Forex Expert Advisors which are rated among the best ones in the market

I've been developing algo-trading systems for over 10 years, with one of them reaching +8100% account growth with over +69 consecutive months in profit, all of which live track-records are available on my verified MyFxBook profile as well as on the live signals of my MQL market profile

So trust me, I'm an expert when it comes to developing top-performing EAs that aresustainable over time


How the Artificial Intelligence revolution is changing the world as we know it

If you've been keeping an eye on the latest trends, you've probably noticed that Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. From finance to healthcare, from transportation to entertainment, AI is changing the game for everyone

At every corner, there's a new AI-powered tool or platform that promises to deliver unprecedented levels of success. With record levels of investment, it's clear that the world is betting on AI as the key to unlock new frontiers

In 2022, the AI industry hit an all-time high, with the ChatGPT chatbot gaining over a million users in just five days (a feat that took Instagram and Spotify 75 and 150 days, respectively)

But despite the recent explosion in popularity, AI's roots stretch back decades. The breakthrough in deep learning in 2012 was a pivotal moment, leading many companies to invest heavily in AI research and development

Fast-forward to today, and AI has evolved, becoming widespread in a range of consumer products and services, including algorithmic trading software, with remarkable improvements in results. It's a similar adoption pattern to what we saw with mobile phones in the 2010s



Why the interest in AI-powered algorithmic trading has gone to the moon

And why it is no surprise that since AI started going viral, traders have been searching twice as more for “AI EAs” rather than “GOLD EAs” or “SCALPER EAs”

Or why the first page of the MQL5 marketplace is now dominated by Artificial Intelligence-related Expert Advisors

And there are countless YouTube videos on using Artificial Intelligence for Forex, stocks, and crypto trading, racking up hundreds of thousands of views in just a few weeks

 ~ 03 Aug 2022
"Since I discovered Valerie's Expert Advisors my trading has never been better. I grew my account +436% in one year and made quite a lot of money""
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How you can unlock the power of AI and become a better trader

If you want to take your trading results to the next level, you need to leverage Artificial Intelligence technology. Through machine learning, Expert Advisors are now able to go rapidly through massive amounts of market data, find correlated patterns, and apply mathematical analysis to predict where prices are heading

Not only that, but also EAs can operate on artificial neural networks (ANN), which allows them to rely on training data to learn and improve their accuracy over time, based on past asset prices, trading volumes, and different technical indicators, making them an extremely powerful tool for financial trading

That’s why I spent thousands of hours researching, testing, and optimizing cutting-edge AI technologies, to apply them to my proven algorithms and long-term trading strategies, creating in consequence the ultimate AI-powered Expert Advisor, that will forever change your trading: Perceptrader AI

  • Machine Learning

    Employ deep-learning techniques to detect patterns in market behaviors and use that to make accurate decisions

  • Perceptron Technology

    Train a Perceptron network (binary classifier algorithm), to learn to look for high-potential trades by filtering low-potential ones

  • Neural Networks

    Allow artificial neurons to learn from and process market data in a way that mimics the function of human brain cells.

  • Price Prediction Models

    Study past currency rates, trading volume, and current market trends to anticipate future prices

  • Mathematical Computing

    Utilize mathematical models and algorithms to analyze market data, identify trends, and develop data-driven trading strategies

  • Big Data

    Efficiently process vast amounts of historical data to uncover hidden patterns and trends that can inform trading decisions

What all this means for you

All these AI-related fancy words sound amazing, and while the technological advancements are real, some dishonest players are using them to take advantage of innocent traders, who do not want to be left out of the latest trend

What really matters is how they can help you achieve better trading results. With Perceptrader AI, you will be able to experience the power of industry-leading Artificial Intelligence technology because:

You'll leverage the latest AI-powered trading techniques

You'll trade with cutting-edge deep-learning algorithms

You'll teach a neural network to sort data quickly and effectively

You'll make smart decisions based on accurate price predictions

You'll use powerful math and complex calculations to guide your trading

You'll study past market data to improve future trades

And it'll all happen automatically, 24/7, without you lifting a finger


How you will leverage ChatGPT & Bard to improve your trading

With Perceptrader AI you can take advantage of ChatGPT & Google's Bard, having the possibility to receive weekly market forecasts from these language models and filter trades according to them:

Configure your ChatGPT or Bard forecast settings in your EA parameters
Choose a currency pair and ask ChatGPT or Bard to give you a market forecast for the week
Get a market forecast and avoid placing trades with dangerous market conditions
 ~ 09 Sep 2022
"I've been using Valeria's EAs for over a year now. I can honestly say they are the best EAs ever created. Constant almost daily profit. Love these EAs."
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United Kingdom

Is this "take over the earth" Artificial Intelligence? No

In all of my years as an Expert Advisor developer, I’ve never seen so much hype for one specific type of technology, as artificial intelligence applied to trading bots is having right now

Yes, it is possible to empower EAs with AI technology
Yes, it is possible actually to use these EAs to trade Forex profitably

But, please, don't be misled

While it's true that EAs can be improved with AI technology and used for profitable Forex trading, machines with human-level intelligence, like the robots from The Matrix, don't exist yet

Be cautious when promised a 100% win-rate, AI-powered money-making machine. It's unlikely and could result in losing your investment in 90 days or less

What AI-powered EAs are not:

Superintelligent robots that can think for themselves and make you rich overnight

Money-making machines that deliver miraculous results with a 100% win rate

A magical solution, free of risks for traders facing problems with their investments and profits


What could be your potential earnings with the #1 ranked AI Expert Advisor?

You could be making from
1% to 3% per month

With a drawdown of only 21.96%

All you need to do is click the button below and download for free the most advanced AI-powered Expert Advisor on the planet:

Download for free now!
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How can you make sure this is the best AI-powered EA?

During my +10 years as an algorithmic trading developer and financial markets trader, I created several trading strategies which, based on the verified track records and hundreds of 5-star reviews, are among the most proven in the industry

Including Waka Waka, the “record-breaking EA”, which at this moment has been 69 consecutive months in profit, achieving an account gain of +8100%, becoming famous in the Expert Advisors niche

I’ve been studying the AI-powered EAs providing the top performances for the last months, arriving to solid conclusions about their behaviors, applying principles and rules from Waka's trading logic and strategy, and mixing all that with the latest Artificial Intelligence technology advancements, in order to create Perceptrader AI


When it comes to proof, Waka Waka is undeniably unmatched

You can spend a hundreds hours searching through the Internet for any Expert Advisor that has been as many months in profit as Waka Waka, has such an account growth on a verified live accounts, and you will not be able to find anything. That's because this EA:

Was designed to exploit market inefficiencies
Uses real market mechanics to make profit
Optimized to achieve stable profits on the long-run

Since Waka Waka started gaining a lot of attention in the Expert Advisor niche, many experts in the field made exhaustive reviews, analyzing the EA with as much detail as it is possible

Even though their opinions are reviews are different, they all share the same objective:

Answering the question.. "Is Waka Waka really the best EA that ever existed?"

    Waka has not only been reviewed by experts in the field, but also by different authorities in the finance space that have recognized the value of this Expert Advisor

    Over the years, Waka has received numerous awards for its impressive performance and innovative features. These awards have come from reputable organizations such as Benzinga, FX Trading Revolution, Invezz and InvestingReviews

    These accolades are a testament to the exceptional quality and reliability of the Waka Waka Expert Advisor. The software has been recognized for its ability to provide consistent profits to traders, as well as its sophisticated trading strategies

    "#1 Expert Advisor
    of 2018-2023"
    "Record-Breaking EA
    "Truly Impressive Live Performance"
    FX Trading Revolution
    "Unprecented Feat in
    Algo-Trading Tech"
    "Built To Make You Money
    In the Long-Term"
    "#1 Ranked Forex
    Expert Advisor"
    "Most Reliable
    Forex Robot"
    Scam EA
    "Highest -Growth
    Forex Robot"
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    Worried about the
    increasingly volatile markets?

    As you know, the last years have been a really crazy year for the financial markets. We've recently seen some really unusual market movements which caused certain trading systems, particularly ones using grid on certain pairs to lose a lot of money


    This is where risk management settings come into play

    Perceptrader AI Expert Advisor comes with different built-in risk settings for any risk appetite

    Ranging from low to significant risk, you will be able to configure your EA in a way that you always maintain control over your invested capital

    Based Reviews Based Reviews
     ~ 12 May 2023
    "During my 10 years of experience, I tried +300 EAs. My best-performing and favorite, by far, are Waka Waka, Golden Pickaxe and Evening Scalper Pro by Valeriia Mishchenko"
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    Lisa Forex
    Lisa Forex


    Ready to crack the “AI Formula” for Expert Advisors trading?

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of EA sellers online are scammers who prey on innocent individuals seeking a dependable way to earn supplementary income.

    Sadly, many fall victim to these fraudsters by falling for their "get rich quick" schemes.

    As a seasoned Expert Advisor developer, I have established a trustworthy reputation with all of my clients and have cultivated an exceptional trading community.

    Although I must caution you that this EA is not a miraculous money-making machine or a guaranteed path to quick wealth, I am confident enough to claim that it is presently one of the top-performing Artificial Intelligence powered EA on the market

    Why you will have an unmatched experience:

    Shares trading principles with Waka Waka EA, which has accumulated +8100% account growth on live accounts

    Has been delivering consistent results for +4 years, with +52 consecutive months in profit

    Has a (double) verified MyFxBook track record of +4 years on live accounts

    Has a (double) verified MQL5 track record of +4 years on live accounts

    Leverages all the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence technology

    Integrated to work with ChatGPT & Google Bard's to empower your trading

    Offers FTMO/prop-firm challenge custom trading set files that adhere to prop-firm regulations

    Uses real market mechanics to its advantage to make profit

    Keeps your capital safe, thanks to low drawdown made possible by different risk management configurations

    Focused on long-term stable growth rather than making quick profits

    Constantly updated, incorporating all the latest innovations in the financial markets trading field

    Hundreds of incredible text and video testimonials all across the internet

    Not sensible to broker selection, for which you can diversify and scale your investment

    Offered by the #1 ranked EA developer with several Expert Advisors considered to be among the best on the market

    Has been intensively back-tested over 20 years of real tick data with consistent top-notch results

    Exclusive Telegram Group community, filled with hundreds of active expert traders and Waka Waka users, killing it on the financial markets

    Personal support from the developer, available 24/7 for anything you might need, including remote configuration via AnyDesk

    You will get access to a custom Forex trading optimized cloud server to ensure the EA is running 24/7 for you

     ~  18 Oct 2022
    "I started using Waka Waka on April of 2022, and managed to get constant profits for six months, growing my account by almost 40% with a drawdown of just 8%. Thanks to this EA I am making 3 to 4 times my junior doctor salary"
    Watch the video testimonial

    As I mentioned above, I've developed some of the top-performing MetaTrader expert advisors: Waka Waka, Golden Pickaxe Night Hunter Pro and Evening Scalper Pro and helped retail traders make significant profits.

    In the last two years, I've sold over +3000 copies of my EAs, for which I received several hundreds of 5-star reviews, and the total investment behind them is above +10 million USD, as well as managing a crypto fund with +5 million USD in assets, from different clients.

    I'm a deeply analytical girl and during my +10 years in the retail trading industry, I've remained obsessed with what automated algorithms truly works and the ones which doesn't, through different market cycles and conditions.

    I've been a student of algo-trading and global economics for over a decade, and I've built my own systems and tools on a strong foundation of thousands of real-world tests and optimizations.

    Bottom line is, I have a profound understanding of what makes an expert advisor give good results — and I’m happy to share all of this knowledge and experience with you.

    "Alright, I'm sold!"


    How does it work?"

    Buy your permanent license of the "#1 AI-powered" Expert Advisor, Perceptrader AI in just a few clicks
    Receive the MetaTrader files as well as the step-to-step guide on your email and user dashboard
    Install Perceptrader AI on your MetaTrader 4 or 5 terminal and activate your license
    Drag Perceptrader AI into your trading charts, and allow the robot to trade your account on auto-pilot


    Get your Perceptrader AI permanent license NOW!

    Perceptrader AI

    "The #1 AI-Powered Expert Advisor"




    Supercharge your trading with your Perceptrader AI license which includes:

    • 10 MetaTrader 4 or 5 Accounts
    • Lifetime license
    • Free updates
    • User dashboard access
    • 3 different trading sets
    • FTMO/prop-firm trading set files
    • Easy to follow "How to install" videos
    • Strategy & risk management guide
    • Access to exclusive Telegram group
    • 1 on 1 support from developer (Valeriia)
    • Remote desktop configuration
    • BONUS #1 Volatility filter indicator
    • BONUS #2 2 months of ValeryVPS

    Included: Perceptrader AI .EX4 and .EX5 files

    Last updated: 29 February 2024

    Buy Perceptrader AI now!

    You will be redirected to the checkout where you can pay with:

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    After payment, you will receive everything in your email

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    • Account growth: +6200%
    • Monthly: 70%
    • Drawdown: 27%
    • Winrate: 70%
    • Years tracked: 2018-2023
    • Consecutive months in profit: 52




    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    In the unlikely case that you do not love Perceptrader AI, we are willing to return every cent you paid to us, immediately, and with no questions asked. Not only that, we are willing to offer you this incredible guarantee for a long period of 30 days (while the MQL market only does it for 7 days, and most Expert Advisor selling sites do not offer it at all)

    Why +3000 happy clients just ❤️ my Expert Advisors

    Based Reviews Based Reviews
    Casper Pold

    2023.04.18 19:32

    I have tried several EAs, but none remotely compares to this. After much consideration and backtesting, I chipped in and bought it. And oh boy, I am so happy I did. This EA can be a life changer if you use it correctly. It definitely has for me since I no longer have to worry about the ups and downs in the stock market and the volatility that comes with most investments. Here I have a stable and steady income. I use it on a trading account with a low spread, where it works great. It is a grid-based EA, but since it is made cleverly and has many security measures built into it, I don't consider it riskier than other EAs. I want to thank Valeriia for making such a magnificent product.


    2023.06.05 01:17

    This is the best EA I've ever purchased. I bought it back in August 2022, set it to low-risk lot size, and since then it's been consistently turning profits for me.


    2023.03.07 08:01

    I have been using 3 EA's in live operation from the provider for almost a year and can only say that I am convinced. All EA's have made money so far. Thanks

    oto moto

    2023.02.23 17:43

    The system is stable. There are periods of stagnation, but this is not a problem. The main thing is to wait and the adviser comes out of drawdowns without any problems. Moreover, the seller posted a link to the real accounts on which his advisers work. The key is risk management. Do not go beyond reasonable risks. The market is unpredictable. Who has nowhere to put money, you can set aggressive parameters. Who does not know how to wait and do not know what a stable and small profit is, go to the casino and look for fortune there or learn how to trade yourself.

    Viktor Albert

    2022.03.19 15:06

    If you would like to have an EA that can make you money consistently, then it's a no brainer. I use it for over 6 months now and it doubled my account (with using higher risk preset) with minimal dradown. And i have to highlight the developer, Valeria's expertise, professionalism and hard working attitude. She will help in every and any way possible if you need it. So i absolutely recommend NHP or any other EA that was developed by her.


    2022.09.08 12:02

    I have been using this EA for around 1 year and really do not need to worry. Having around 4 % per month without having to worry if interests went down, up, if there are political problems or not, if there is a holiday with whatever, etc. is just great! There are people that expect miracles or holy grail to stop working and Waka is not a miracle but it is a stable EA that can definitely help generating passive income with security if you are not gready. . . A huge applause here to Valeria also because she doesn`t just develop and sell - she studies to see if EAs can have improvements or eventually correct bugs, she talks to people, she is interested in understanding, etc. Another advantage of this EA is also there is a great group of people that have many experience and share. Many groups around is just propaganda and people dont share. Many Thanks Valeria

    Fabricio Caldiero

    2022.10.04 05:29 

    Excellent results in backtest and real account, you need to keep risk low since it´s a grid system and it could have big DD if you set more than 1% Deposit Load. so far i´ve been making nice profits with it. Good Job Valery, keep working and improving your EAs.

    Kin Ming Li

    2022.09.27 09:57

    Simply the best EA, very consistent, exact same behaviour as BT result, I am really happy with it. Highly recommended

    Tony Seno Hartono

    2022.09.07 16:23

    Waka Waka is a very good EA, very consistent, and its behavior is exactly the same with the backtest result. Its a grid system, means that sometime it can have big DD, but as long as you have passed the backtest safely, you could trust it to run 24x7 with minimal monitoring.

    Ting Hui Wu

    2022.09.06 03:18

    I have to say same words, awesome and stable EA! Test it in past one month on 2 brokers with real money, both accounts had more than 10% profit~ Recommend it to everyone~

    Leon Hans Morten Voige

    2022.07.26 10:53

    I am very happy with Waka. The backtests correspond to the real trades in the live signal. Just play around a bit with the settings and don't take too much risk, then anyone can really make a profit with it. Valeria answers quickly and also helps with any problems. Clearly 5 stars!

    Amgad Megahed

    2022.01.30 18:00

    Valeriia Is very nice and supportive , and always willing to help , Waka is wonderful and it has proven its quality in a real account for many years, undoubtedly the best value for money ever , Thanks Very much


    2021.12.12 02:06 

    My second EA from Valery and definitely not the last. I actually bought both MT4 and MT5 versions. Been using it since August and extremely happy with it. I’m using it with medium risk and happy with the steady returns with reasonable drawdown. Excellent communication and support from Valery in the Telegram group. Highly recommend it.

    Jamal M A A Hamdan

    2021.10.13 17:12 

    The back test showing good result i will use it on Live account now and i will update this review

    4/7/2022 update: I run the EA on live account 9 months still good and the result same the backtest

    Andres Felipe

    2021.08.26 15:19 

    So far, it's great. I'm using this EA on my real accounts now, and it works as expected. This is not a traditional grid system that will empty your account at any time. It is a professionally developed EA. I will use it at medium to medium-low risk and post my results in a few weeks. The author is always willing to help and replies fast.

    Update on 8/15/22: Waka Waka has been making constant profit for several months. Average is 3% / 5% monthly for my risk settings. Seller is always replying quick when I have questions. I recommend to do a lot of tests to understand the levell of risks that you want to accept.

     ~ 21 Nov 2022
    "I have tried more than 15 different EAs, and when I discovered Valeriia's I moved all my money to them. Been using them for more than one year with great profits"
    Watch the video testimonial
    Andres Felipe
    Andres Felipe
    Got some remaining questions?

    That's super understandable. Even though the whole point of Expert Advisors is to enjoy trading on auto-pilot, there's a lot of things that need to be done before

    Here is a list of the most common questions I receive and the answers. If you need help with anything that's not here, do not hesitate to contact me via email or Telegram, and I'll be happy to respond to you

    What is the difference between buying on website or MQL?
    What brokers do the EA's work well with?
    What is the difference between MT 4 and MT 5 EA's?
    Do you have a private Telegram group for buyers?
    Do you have a Telegram channel?
    Can your EAs pass the FTMO Challenge/MFF evaluation phase with another prop firm?
    What lot size are your EA's OK to work with?
    Do I need to switch EAs off during major news events, like US and UK elections?
    I can only work with the 1:30 leverage. Won’t it be a problem for your EAs?
    I use the EA for the first time and I don’t know what to do. Can you guide me?
    What risk level should I use with the EA?
    Is it necessary to use a VPS?
    Does your EA support FIFO?
    Should I have trades left on weekends?