Why +3000 happy clients
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In the last two years, I've sold over +3000 copies of my EAs, for which I received several hundreds of 5-star reviews as well as some amazing video testimonials. Here you can see a few of them:

 ~ 05 Sep 2023
"This is by far the most consistent EA I have ever tested. I just have to keep it running and once in a while look at my accounts, which gives me happiness as it is always growing.""
 ~ 30 Aug 2023
"I've been Waka Waka for several months in two accounts, with one of them being a FTMO $10.000 funded account, where I'm making +2% per month. So far, I'm very happy with the results."

DL Moreno
1 review
Sep 2, 2023
Valery is the real deal
Valery is the real deal. She's transparent with her results, and she let's you try her EA's for 14 days before you decide to buy. On a personal note, I was having some FIFO issues which, with her help, she resolved). In fact, I emailed her more than a few times and she responded to every one of them in timely manner. I ended up buying both the WAKA WAKA and Perceptrader AI EA's and very satisfied with the results.
Date of experience: August 25, 2023
Kareem Abbas
1 review
Aug 21, 2023
I am algo forex trader since 2010
I've been an algo forex trader since 2010, trying hundreds of EAs in retail CFDs trading with various styles. If you're into algo trading, I highly recommend Valeria's EAs. She offers great craftsmanship, honesty, and credibility. With proper risk management, you can achieve consistent income over time. This is not financial advice, just my personal experience and recommendation. Valeria is unique in sharing her real-life trading insights.
Date of experience: January 18, 2023
Miroslav Milanov
1 review
Aug 16, 2023
Amazing Perceptrader EA
Amazing and reliable EA if you're not looking for a "fast millionaire EA" (more EAs are... I'm serious :) ) There is a detailed installation guide on their website. All emails are answered. Valery is committed to helping you. My experience has been positive with both the advisor and the support. Ни пуха, ни пера! Good luck!
Date of experience: July 15, 2023
2 reviews
Aug 13, 2023
Already the 3rd EA
Already the 3rd EA, great EAs, great support, great telegram groups, great profit (if you know how to apply the EA appropriately). Very happy!
Date of experience: July 23, 2023

Casper Pold

2023.04.18 19:32

I have tried several EAs, but none remotely compares to this. After much consideration and backtesting, I chipped in and bought it. And oh boy, I am so happy I did. This EA can be a life changer if you use it correctly. It definitely has for me since I no longer have to worry about the ups and downs in the stock market and the volatility that comes with most investments. Here I have a stable and steady income. I use it on a trading account with a low spread, where it works great. It is a grid-based EA, but since it is made cleverly and has many security measures built into it, I don't consider it riskier than other EAs. I want to thank Valeriia for making such a magnificent product.


2023.02.27 14:12

I have been running Golden Pickaxe for almost 2 months now and Im running average risk with 2 different sets. Results are not sky high, but has been very stable and profit is good. Has an incredible active group in Telegram with great people to learn from. I have a lot of experience with Valeria EAs that are without doubt closest to the best we can find. Its not a making money machine but great for a portfolio of EAs. Recommend it and need to give 5 stars since it is very well designed and tested.

Update: running more then 4 months and very happy with it. Just dont forget of risk/money management.

Charles Hofman Petrillo

2023.05.12 02:30

Great SCALPER, and very consistent. I am very satisfied with its overall performance and stability.

It's an EA that you can rely on.

The community is great, generating good discussions, and most important, Vallery is extremely up-to-date with what is happening in the market, giving tips and adjustments if necessary for the current settings.

Great tech support.

oto moto

2023.02.23 17:43

The system is stable. There are periods of stagnation, but this is not a problem. The main thing is to wait and the adviser comes out of drawdowns without any problems. Moreover, the seller posted a link to the real accounts on which his advisers work. The key is risk management. Do not go beyond reasonable risks. The market is unpredictable. Who has nowhere to put money, you can set aggressive parameters. Who does not know how to wait and do not know what a stable and small profit is, go to the casino and look for fortune there or learn how to trade yourself.

 ~ 16 Aug 2023
"In 2021 I came upong Valery EAs and saw they had a consistent proof of results, so I decided to give Waka Waka a try. I found it to be very adaptive and to perform really well, with high trade accuracy."
 ~ 08 Aug 2023
"Not only I was able to recover the losses from other Expert Advisors, but also on my way to making healthy profits, growing my account by +44.50% in 6 months time."
New Zealand

M Arul James

2023.02.28 04:04

My 2nd favorite EA after "Waka Waka" is Evening Scalper. This is similar to "Night Hunter Pro" in protecting the capital but little more aggressive in making profits. Thank you Valeriia for the work.


2023.06.05 01:17

This is the best EA I've ever purchased. I bought it back in August 2022, set it to low-risk lot size, and since then it's been consistently turning profits for me.


2022.10.04 18:03

I wanted to wait until I have gained sufficient experience before posting a review for this EA...I am using 'Night Hunter Pro' now for appr. 10 months and - despite having some declines - I am very happy with this scalper. I run it for the three main currencies GBPUSD, EURUSD and EURCHF. In two months I had (minor!) losses which were overcompensated by gains in the other 8 months. In my opinion the EA is very transparent and "honest", i.e. not promising a fortune overnight but giving a solid gain over time. Thanks, Valeriia!

Ng Chu En

2023.01.03 12:21

Fantastic grid EA with a very customisable setup, so no doubt I consider this as the best Grid EA in the market. Manage your multipler, grid distance & lot size per balance and everything can run set and forget for a few years. Any EA without good money management can blow your account, so find the balance for the greed and fear ratio, if you are a smart user. Market is constantly changing, not to forget end of May ordeal for NZDCAD, where many users lost money due to extreme trend.

 ~ 12 May 2023
"I have been trading with robots for over 10 years. I got hundreds and hudreds of Expert Advisors and within all of them, Valeriia's EAs are, by far, my favorites and best-performing ones."
 ~ 25 May 2023
"I have been trading since 2015. Last year I bought Waka Waka. I made +21% profit in five months. From my experience, Valery Expert Advisors are the best in the MQL5 market."

2 reviews
Jul 31, 2023
Valery / Waka Waka
I purchased Waka Waka about a month ago and due to lack of computer skills, I had a few problems in getting it up and running. I contacted Valeriia several times for assistance and she responded 90% of the time within 24 hours. No many how many times I hassled her she was always extremely helpful and encouraging. I trialled it before purchasing and the first eighteen trades were profitable, and then one small loss. On the real account I went into a moderate drawdown early on, however by next day I had returned to profit. My experience has been absolutely positive with both the program and the support
Date of experience: Jul 31, 2023
Casper P
1 review
Aug 13, 2023
I was already a happy owner of the Waka…
I was already a happy owner of the Waka Waka EA and it has worked great so far. I bought Perceptrader EA just when it came out a few weeks ago, and it works even better. Consistent profits with low drawdown. I have searched for years after a good and profitable EA. This is the real deal, so look no further if you are also looking for that. I suggest to buy directly at her website to get the free period on a VPS server.
Date of experience: August 12, 2023
6 reviews
Aug 13, 2023
Very profitable EA's
Very profitable EA's. I have got Waka Waka and Perceptrader both are doing great. Haven't had any issues with installation, the guide is very detailed and clear. Valeriia and the community are very responsive.
Date of experience: July 23, 2023
monty g
1 review
Aug 1, 2023
Exceptional EA's by very talented programmer
I have used quite a few Ea's from different companies. Valery's EA's are in a different class. She has been around for a while and continue to create worthy EA's. Exceptional programming and support! Well done Valery!!
Date of experience: July 23, 2023
 ~ 26 Apr 2023
"I started using Waka Waka one year ago. It has since given me a very good equity curve, with relatively down drawdowns, which is very impressive considering it's a grid trading system. This EA is a no-brainer investment."
 ~ 12 Apr 2023
"I have been trading for 3 years now. Waka Waka is by far the best Expert Advisor I have ever seen. It has been making consistent profits for me, month after month since I started using it, using the low risk settings."
New Zealand


2023.06.05 06:23

Great gold EA. With the Balanced Vol setting, the drawdown is low.

Maxim Maximciuc

2022.05.08 16:20

The best and safe EA! Good profit without risk, using 6m+.

Gao Yang

2023.06.02 03:21

I have used this EA for quite a while, this EA can profit with a proper stop loss setting.


2023.03.07 08:01

I have been using 3 EA's in live operation from the provider for almost a year and can only say that I am convinced. All EA's have made money so far. Thanks

Mr Sukaran Bubpha

2022.12.13 16:02

The best EA I’ve ever purchased and using for longterm consistent profit in monthly basis. Trust, Respect & Responsively EA & author.


2022.12.14 06:59

Waka Waka performance is consistent and great! The live performance aligns with the back test performance. And, the author Valeriia is an excellent developer, both knowledgeable in trading and helpful!

 ~ 17 March 2023
"I've been using Waka Waka for 4 months now and the results have been quite good. My account grew 30%, with the draw-down being quite low. I recommend you to use the EA for passive income. "
 ~ 08 Mar 2023
"I"ve been consistently making profits since I bought Waka Waka, with my account being up 17%. For the first time in a very long time I've been making profits. I never felt this calmness before."

stuart hayes
4 reviews
Jul 7, 2023
Best EA’s on the market
Best EA’s on the market Currently I have one of Valeriia EA’s active that’s the Waka Waka one and it’s been one of the best buys I have ever come across. It has made a constant 3 percent plus since late March and it’s been stable by not experiencing massive drawdowns. I think the highest drawdown I’ve experienced was about 8 percent but that soon went back down. My advice is if you purchase it is to put it on low to medium settings to avoid high drawdowns and to use a large leverage on a reasonably size account to maximise the leverage in your account.
Date of experience: July 07, 2023
1 review
Jun 16, 2023
Seriousness and precision
Valeriia is a serious person, prepared, reliable and always ready to help you for every need. I bought his night hunter, the best scalping ea tried so far. Excellent assistance from every point of view, very simple installation and perfect settings for any type of risk profile. With the first earnings I will undoubtedly buy all the other Valeriia ea to automate my trading 100%. In a world (that of ea) dominated by liars and improvisers, it was a real fortune to know a professional like Valeriia.
Date of experience: June 04, 2023
Jia Meng Pang
1 review
Aug 1, 2023
I've used a few EAs before and never…
I've used a few EAs before and never really able to trust their ability to trade for me hence i almost give up using EAs until i gave myself a final try on Valeria's Golden Pickaxe, was so so surprised on it's performance and intelligence in trading for me for the last 8 months hence without any doubt, when Valeria finally launched Perceptrader Ai, i quickly grab it !!! TQ Valeria for the best EAs and support to your users without failing.
Date of experience: July 24, 2023
1 review
Apr 5, 2023
The EAs offered by Valery Trading are…
The EAs offered by Valery Trading are known for their accuracy, reliability, and performance. They are thoroughly tested and optimized to ensure that they are working efficiently and effectively. Also a great support team, always ready to help.
Date of experience: April 04, 2023
Richard Barker
4 reviews
Aug 1, 2023
Excellent experience buying software at Valery Trading
I recently purchased trading software through Valery Trading. The process was straightforward and everything worked as expected. The website is easy to navigate and the supporting material is of high quality. There are numerous video explainers and product specific Telegram groups which provide a wealth of useful information. Documentation is good too.
Date of experience: July 23, 2023
4 reviews
Jun 5, 2023
Waka Waka Expert Advisor: Comprehensive Guide, Responsive Support, and Reliability
After reading extensive reviews, I was hesitant to make a significant investment. There are plenty of people out there promising the world. However, after conducting thorough research, I gained enough confidence to purchase the software. Valery provides a comprehensive installation guide and offers prompt responses to emails and other inquiries. Do your own research and see if the software suits your needs. Download a demo to backtest. But if you're looking to invest, I can recommend it.
Date of experience: May 28, 2023

Kin Ming Li

2022.09.27 09:57

Simply the best EA, very consistent, exactly the same behavior as BT result, I am really happy with it. Highly recommended

Ting Hui Wu

2022.09.06 03:18

I have to say same words, awesome and stable EA! Test it in past one month on 2 brokers with real money, both accounts had more than 10% profit~ Recommend it to everyone~

Fabricio Caldiero

2022.10.04 05:29

Excellent results in backtest and real account, you need to keep risk low since it´s a grid system and it could have big DD if you set more than 1% Deposit Load. so far i´ve been making nice profits with it. Good Job Valery, keep working and improving your EAs.


2022.09.28 12:14

This is an excellent Martin grid EA, which can bring stable income, but you must use excellent brokers. In the current volatile financial environment, we need to pay attention to our own risk settings to reduce risks.

 ~ 27 Sep 2022
"Waka is the best EA on the market. My profit Is 203% In 7 months. The author is just a smart girl who made such a great product and its price should be much higher than the current one."
 ~ 21 Nov 2022
"I have tried more than 15 different EAs, and when I discovered Valeria's I moved all my invested money to them. Been using them for more than one year with great profits"
 ~ 28 Feb 2023
"Valeria's Expert Advisors are fantastic, you get super returns. You should see these products as a long-term investment and not expect a 'miracle' that will make you rich in a few months"
 ~ 04 Apr 2023
"I've been a client for almost two years now. For me, it's more about conserving my capital, so I trade with very low risks. I've grown my account almost 40% , and I'm very happy with that"

1 review
Dec 14, 2022
Stable investment without blown up
Very helpful trading tools with promising after-sales services support. And, all settings are provided in built-in products, either to go high risks/ low risks which is your own choice.
Date of experience: November 24, 2022
2 reviews
Feb 17, 2023
Everything about Valeria products is a…
Everything about Valeria products is a great. Quality of the EA s in terms of trades, Balance protection by SL, settings of the EAs are totally customisable with some predefined strategy, documentation about the EAs are well detailed, videos, backtesting of the EAs are for a several years. Highly recommended
Date of experience: February 09, 2023
2 reviews
Jan 23, 2023
Like a breath of fresh air in Forex Trading
Like a breath of fresh air in Forex Trading. Only forex business i've seen that gives a free trial to prove the products,support and easy to use setup instructions. Several different strategy's to suit different traders risk factors with good proven backup information on MQL5 and myfxbook.Only downside is i can't give more than five stars.
Date of experience: January 02, 2023
Jia Meng Pang
Dec 27, 2022
Valleria EA has changed my life forever
I've used many different types of EA previously but none is as consistent and intelligent as Golden Pickaxe EA by Valleria Trading..... i'm really impressed on the winning percentage albeit i understand that with the 5 setting options provided for us to choose our trading risks, i preferred Risk Vol set file and it suits my risk appetite very well. The after service support from the team is great!
Date of experience: December 19, 2022

Stefan Marjoram

2022.04.07 15:2

Valeria has done a really excellent job with this EA. Thanks.

Update August 26% profit and 8.6% drawdown, amazing.

Jing Yew Yeap

2022.03.17 00:28

First two trades already closed in profit $5.98. I am only using $75 dollar account. Valeriia ‘s EA , I always trust.

Yat Chiu William Hui

2022.04.21 09:57

I purchased this EA based on the real signal from Valeria, it is really a good EA and all the trade in my trading account exactly the same as the Valeria signal. Highly recommend this EA to anyone that need a safe and profitable EA.


2022.03.29 18:11

It's the third product I purchased from Valeriia. As all Ea's bevor, it is well developed and had great support. After 2 Weeks of live Trading, I have the same results as her live signal and just profit trades.